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Imported from Italy foods- authentic recipes, Italian specialties.

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Angie’s Italian Recipes are unique recipes passed down  from many generations of homestyle cooking. This site is dedicated to my mother Angelina. Angie’s cooking and most of the recipes are original of the family and some have been improved  with Angie’s gourmet touch.  Her pasta recipes at this time are being edited and translated for publication. Her recipes will be published on this site as they are completed. Until then enjoy the other traditional products offered here.

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Angie’s Italian Style Chicken Breasts with Spinach

Angie’s Recipes are authentic originals taken from my mother’s hand written cooking notes. Unlike traditional recipes which give complete detailed mixing and cooking instructions, Angie’s original recipes give you the ingredients and her concept of preparing the dish. All great chefs know that a recipe is incomplete without a cook’s personal touch. Her love for cooking was her signature and this is what make Recipes so unique and famous.

Chicken Breasts with Spinach



     1 Stick Butter                   Fresh Mushrooms - sliced

     1 Bunch Scallions             Salt & Pepper

     Nutmeg                             Spinach, cooked & drained

     3 Eggs                               Parmesan Cheese

     Chicken Breasts              Flour


  • Spinach preparation: Sauté scallions in butter until tender; add mushrooms, spinach, salt, pepper & nutmeg.  Cook for a few minutes.
  • Chicken preparation: To clarify butter; melt in pan, allow residue to settle and use only the clear portion.
  • Beat the eggs and parmesan cheese together.  Dip chicken in flour, then into egg mixture.  Fry the chicken in the clarified butter.
  • Serve chicken over spinach mixture.
  • Also try Angie's homemade bread dough recipe and fresh pasta recipe.


Recipes from Italy

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